Financial Assistance Overview

(Deadline June 1, 2022)

UpdatedMonday March 28, 2022 byNewton Mustangs Youth Football & Cheer.

2022 Financial Scholarship Overview (Deadline for Scholarship Application is June 1, 2022

Newton Youth Football & Cheer is committed to helping build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. Included in this commitment is the belief that everyone should be able to participate in the program, regardless of one’s financial circumstances. 

Each season we are able to grant financial assistance to a limited number of families. For 2022, scholarships will reduce the registration fee for families as follows: 

  • Football Half Scholarship:  $125.00 (per child)
  • Cheer:        $125.00 (single child)

Scholarship recipients will be required to give back to the Program by volunteering a minimum of FOUR hours of time during the seasons.

Newton Mustangs Youth Football and Cheer will assign recipients to an area, such as Concessions, Administration, Photo Day, and/or Field Coordination, where your assistance is most needed.

To apply for a financial scholarship, please complete the form attached and email it to  

The President and Treasurer will jointly review each submitted application to determine whether your family will be eligible to receive a scholarship. You will be notified of a decision regarding financial assitance within 30 days from the date the application is submitted. Because there are limited funds available for scholarships, priority is given to those applications submitted before the end of the 2021-2022 school yearPlease note: receiving a scholarship for a prior season does not guarantee that your family will receive a scholarship for this upcoming season. If you have any questions or extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us. Our goal is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to play.

Newton Youth Football Scholarship.pdf